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A   (31 pubs)

Aardvark2 Butts
Acorn1 Cox Street
AcornRingwood Highway
Adam and Eve29 Eden Street, Paradise
Adam and EveMill Lane
Admiral Codrington13 Radford Road
Admiral HawkeStreet not known, Styvechale
Admiral Lord Rodney88 Short Street
Albany Hotel24 Albany Road
Albion Tavern45-46 Thomas Street
Aldermoor HotelAldermoor Lane
Ale and Porter Stores2-4 Lower Ford Street
Alhambra64-66 New Buildings
Allesley HotelBirmingham Road, Allesley
Alma Tavern44-45 Stoney Stanton Road
Anchor TavernBailey Lane
Anchor Tavern69-70 West Orchard
Anchorsmith69 Gosford Street
AngelCross Cheaping
AngelGosford Street
Angel HotelCook Street
Angel HotelSmithford Street
Angel HotelStation Street West
Antelope72 Gosford Street
Apple TreeHigh Street
Apple TreeMuch Park Street
Arabella Shisha Lounge181 Spon Street
Arcade Tavern6 Market Street
Arcade Vaults6 Market Street
ArtisanHill Street
Auction HouseStation Avenue, Tile Hill
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Coventry city centre map of 1937
Coventry city centre as it looked in 1937. (Drawn by Rob Orland.)

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