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City, 75 Spon Street

Address:75 Spon Street
Became:Melbourne Hotel
Board means 'to board intoxicating liquor'. In some cases the need for a premises to have 'a board' , that is a sign board, suggested this name as some places did in fact display a blank board. However, in this case, the Board identified a person sellling beer from their home; in other words a beerhouse under the 1839 Beerhouse Act, the real origin of the 'public house'. Henry Brown was a brewer at the Spon Street Brewery and also a wine and spirit merchant. This pub is said to have been built originally in c1829 as the Victoria Vaults, then becoming the Spotted Dog. It became the Board in 1868. Later named the Melborne Hotel in 1879, the Melbourne Gardens in 1907, the Granby Arms in 1909, and the Bowling Green Inn in 1910. The bowling green was sold and the old people's accommodation called Wellington Gardens was erected on its site. The pub was demolished and replaced with a new building in 1959, later named the New Bowler in 2002.


1864 - 1871 Henry Brown Brewery & spirit merchant
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City, 75 Spon Street
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