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City, Whitefriars Lane (Edwards)

Address:Whitefriars Lane
Became:Black Dog
Alternative Addresses:Whitefriars Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18351850BEERHOUSE, Whitefriars Street and BEERHOUSE, Whitefriars Lane
18501919BLACK DOG, Whitefriars Street
Black Dog Whitefriars The Black Dog, Whitefriars Street c1960. The Black Dog ceased to be a pub in 1923. To the right of it was another pair of weavers houses with an entry in-between which led to Court No3 (see below). Note the gratings in front of each house which suggest they were all built with coal cellars. This pub appears in the will of 1869 of J. Edwards. In a footnote it states that J. Edwards kept the Black Dove in Whitefriars Street in 1850. We believe this is an error for the Black Dog. In the 1841 census Joseph edwards, 45, is a ribbon weaver journeyman at the Black Dog, Whitefriars Street. In 1851 he is 54 and a licensed victualler and weaver in White Friars Street. By 1861 he is 64 and a licensed victualler out of business at 46 Craven Street.


LICENSEES: (the BEERHOUSE) 1850 - 1851 Joseph Edwards LICENSEES: (BLACK DOG / DOVE) 1861 William Brain 1866 Thomas Bates 1866 William Standbridge 1868 Thomas Townsend 1871 Anna Maria Townsend 1874 - 1894 Walter Chatland 1896 Joseph H. Lawton 1903 H. Stringer 1905 J. Lathbury 1909 F. Jackson 1911 - 1912 John W. Dutson 1912 - 1913 C. Jenkyns 1919 Emily Martin ( Inn, No 40 )
City, Whitefriars Lane (Edwards)
Street plan of 1851
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City, Whitefriars Lane (Edwards)
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City, Whitefriars Street (Edwards)
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