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Board, 1 Lower Ford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Board means 'to board intoxicating liquor'. In some cases the need for a premises to have 'a board', that is a sign board, suggested this name as some places did in fact display a blank board. However, in this case, the Board identified a person sellling beer from their home; in other words a beerhouse under the 1839 Beerhouse Act, the real origin of the 'public house'. Lucas, Arkwright & Co; Lucas, Blackwell & Arkwight and the Leamington Brewery are the same business. This was a brewery depot that used the outbuildings attached to the SYDENHAM PALACE


1868 Charles Southam 1886 Lucas, Arkwright & Co 1891 Lucas, Blackwell & Arkwright 1894 F. Harrison, Leamington Brewery Co 1896 W. Newman, Leamington Brewery
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