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Scirebourne, Eastern Green Lane

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Scirebourne Tavern This is an old spelling of the local river, the Sherbourne. In 1989 the UNICORN in Eastern Green was renamed the Scirebourne. From 1850 to 1924 this was the BEERHOUSE, Lower Eastern Green, although on a map of 1888 it is named as The Unicorn public house. It was a cottage on Unicorn Lane. The Wills family, early licensees, were cordwainers, who ran the beerhouse as something of a sideline. In 1937 the new Unicorn was started opposite the old one. However, due to the intervention of the war it remained a shell. The roof was on but the floorboards had not been put in. It was completed after the war but did not open to business until 1954. The original Unicorn reverted to being a private residence and still stands to this day opposite the new pub and called 'Unicorn Cottage'. The new Unicorn is an imposing mock Tudor structure, surrounded by trees that screen it and its grounds from the road.


LICENSEES: (the BEERHOUSE) 1841 - 1850 John Wills & shoemaker 1863 - 1880 Arthur Wills 1888 - 1892 Mrs Arthur Wills 1900 - 1924 Ernest Burbridge LICENSEES: (the UNICORN) 1841 Joseph Tims 1841 - 1851 John Wills cordwainer 1863 - 1879 Arthur Wills cordwainer & beer house keeper 1929 E. Burbridge 1931 - 1940 Henry French 1983 Bob Gould 1985 Mr S. Walton


1985 Ansells
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