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Whitefriar, 1 Whitefriars Street

Alternative Addresses:73 Much Park Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
17931960WHITE FRIAR INN, 1 Whitefriars Street
18351850BEERHOUSE, 73 Much Park Street
White Friar Much Park St This pub got its name from the local monastery. This pub was advertised for sale in 1793. In 1835 see the BEERHOUSE, Much Park Street. The 1851 Health Map shows two premises called the White Friar opposite each other, a White Friar Tavern on the corner of Whitefriars Street and Much Park Street and a White Friar Public House opposite, at the point where Much Park Street joins London Road. The two continue to co-exist until 1874. I have managed to trace the Whitefriars Tavern back from its closure in 1962 when it was Lynch's to William Westwick in the 1850s and 60s and William Arnold in 1828/29. This was 1 Whitefriars Street / Much Park Street. Until around 1935 it was a home-brew pub. It was to be sold by auction on 3rd March 1949 and was described as 'The well known and popular freehold fully-licensed free house'. It closed in 1960 and was demolished on 21st December 1962 to make way for the London Road section of the ring road.


1828 - 1829 William Arnold 1841 - 1861 William Westwick 1868 William Standbridge 1871 - 1874 Walter Butler 1879 David Peplow 1881 Selina Peplow 1886 Jones & Neale 1890 - 1891 C. J. Blay 1893 - 1896 A. T. Harris 1903 - 1909 John Lynch 1911 - 1913 William John Lynch 1919 Lily Ann Lynch 1921 - 1940 William John Lynch BREWERS: to 1887 Jones & Neale 1887 - 1898 Albert Taylor Harris 1898 - 1910 John Lynch 1910 - 1935 William John Lynch
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