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Bell Green (Butcher)

Address:Bell Green
Became:Shoulder of Mutton Inn
Alternative Addresses:Old Church Road
In 1841 William Butcher ia a coal miner at Sowe and in 1851 a coal hawker in Henley Green, but by 1861 he has become a coal dealer at the Shouder of Mutton. This pub had a full license from 1841 to 1938 with this short exception. In 1866 Thomas Hughes conveyed this pub to T. Dewes for £45. In 1874 it had a beerhouse license. in the 1851 census Thomas Parrish is 39 and a carpenter in King William Street. By 1861 he is 46 and a carpenter at a shop on the east side of Longford North of No 10. In 1871 he is 59 and a carpenter at the Shoulder of Mutton.


1868 - 1874 William Butcher 1879 David Shaw 1887 Thomas Parrish (see also Beerhouse New Inn Bridge, 1850 and Beerhouse Walsgrave, 1851)


to 1866 Thomas Hughes from 1866 T. Dewes
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