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FalconIronmonger Row
Falcon and Duck58 Well Street
Falcon Inn58 Well Street
Farmhouse215 Beechwood Avenue, Earlsdon
Fatty Arbuckle'sStoney Stanton Road
Fenton's HouseStreet not known
FestivalLeaf Lane
FiestaLongford Road
Fire Engine270 Bedworth Road, Longford
Fire Engine21 Bond Street
Fiveways Tavern61 Harnall Lane West
FlagCook Street
Flaming SwordStreet not known
Flanker and FirkinCow Lane
FlaresSpon Street
Fleece303 Bell Green Road, Foleshill
FletchFletchamstead Highway
Fletchamstead HotelFletchamstead Highway
Fleur de Lis43 Smithford Street
Flower de Luce and CrownHigh Street
Flying StandardTrinity Street
Fob WatchThe Butts
Foleshill HallLythalls Lane, Foleshill
Foleshill Old HallLythalls Lane, Foleshill
Foleshill TavernWell Street
Foresters Arms76 Raglan Street
FormidableBishop Street
FountainBayley Lane
FountainCook Street
FountainHigh Street, Hillfields
FountainQueen Street
Fountain30 Spon Street
Fountain Inn27 Cross Cheaping
Fowl and Firkin2 Butts
FoxFoleshill Heath
Fox and GooseFar Gosford Street
Fox and Vivian48 Gosford Street
Fox ChaseStreet not known, Keresley
Fox Inn4 Cook Street
Fox InnGrange Road, Foxford
Freehold TavernFreehold Street
Freemasons Arms237 Harnall Lane East
Freemasons Tavern1-3 Freehold Street
Full MoonCook Street
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Coventry city centre map of 1937
Coventry city centre as it looked in 1937. (Drawn by Rob Orland.)

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