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Nags HeadCanal Basin
Nags Head42 Spon End
Navigation771 Stoney Stanton Road
Nelson56 Smithford Street
New Albany24 Albany Road
New Bowler75 Spon Street
New HavenDillotford Avenue
New Inn46 Bulls Head Lane, Stoke
New Inn113 Craven Street, Chapelfields
New Inn57 Gosford Street
New Inn64 King William Street
New InnLeicester Road, Longford
New Inn140 Much Park Street
New InnWarwick Row
New Parkgate HotelParkgate Road
New Phoenix583 Fletchamstead Highway
New Saracens HeadLongford
New SpiresGrayswood Avenue
New Star140 Much Park Street
New Star InnJardine Crescent
New Tiger MothQuorn Way
Newdigate Arms11 Hill Street
Newlands HotelTile Hill Lane
Newt and CucumberBayley Lane
NewtzBayley Lane
Nobby's BarCross Cheaping
Northfieldes TaverneEarl Street
NuffieldBlackberry Lane, Wyken
NuggetCoundon Green
Nursery Tavern38 Lord Street
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Coventry city centre map of 1937
Coventry city centre as it looked in 1937. (Drawn by Rob Orland.)

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