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H   (79 pubs)

Hales Street StoresHales Street
Half MoonBrays Lane, Stoke
Half MoonHertford Place
Half MoonLittle Park Street
Half MoonStreet not known, Without Spon Bars
Half Moon and Seven StarsLittle Park Street
Half Moon and Seven Stars37 Much Park Street
Half Moon and Seven Stars17 St John Street
Half Moon Inn61 Yardley Street
Half Moon TavernHalf Moon Yard
Half SovereignCharter Avenue
Halfe Mone InnSmithford Street
Hand and BottleWell Street
Hand and Heart119-120 Far Gosford Street
Happy Frenchman583 Fletchamstead Highway
HareBailey Lane
HareMuch Park Street
Hare and Hounds65 Bramble Street
Hare and Hounds60 Castle Street, Hillfields
Hare and Hounds136 Far Gosford Street
Hare and HoundsWatery Lane, Keresley
Hare and Squirrel1 Cow Lane
Hare and SquirrelSpon End
Harp22 Market Street
HarrowGreyfriars Lane
Harrow26 Spon Street
HartBayley Lane
Hastings Tavern30 Clay Lane
Hat and FeathersJordan Well
Haunch of VenisonWarwick Lane
HavenDillotford Avenue
Hawthorn TreeBroad Lane
Hawthorn TreeHearsall Common
Hayes InnMuch Park Street
Hearsall Inn45 Craven Street
Heart in HandGosford Street
Heath Hotel807 Foleshill Road, Foleshill
Help Me Through the World314 Old Church Road, Foleshill
Hen and Chickens1-2 Butts Lane
Hen and ChickensHay Lane
HeraldSir Henry Parkes Road
Hertford Arms116 Far Gosford Street
Hertford Arms20 Hertford Place
Hertford ArmsLondon Road
Hertford ArmsWhitley Common
Hertford Cottage39 Hertford Street
Hertford Hotel46-47 Queens Road
Hill Cross Tavern1 Abbots Lane
HindLittle Park Street
Hit or Miss TavernWyken Square
HiveSmithford Street
Holbrook HotelHolbrooks Lane
Holbrooks TavernLockhurst Lane
Hole in the WallFleet Street
Holly Bush5 Cook Street
Holly BushGosford Street
Holly BushHigh Street
Holly BushHolbrooks Lane
Holly BushLittle Park Street
Holly BushNear Dodd's Bridge, Longford
Holly Bush InnJackers Road, Aldermans Green
Holly TreeLittle Heath, Foleshill
HolyheadHolyhead Road
Hop Pole Inn16 Leicester Row
Hope and Anchor38 Sherbourne Street, Spon End
Hope and Anchor8 Tower Street
Hope and Anchor17 Whitefriars Street
Hope TavernStreet not known
Horse and Groom107 Much Park Street
Horse and JockeyHawkesbury Lane
Horse and Jockey107 Much Park Street
Horse and Jockey39 New Street
Horse and TrumpetSpon End
HorseshoeSpon End
Hospital Inn2 Stoney Stanton Road
Hotel LeofricBroadgate
House of Widow RushtonStreet Not Known
HubWheelwright Lane
Humber HotelHumber Road
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Coventry city centre map of 1937
Coventry city centre as it looked in 1937. (Drawn by Rob Orland.)

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