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Wagon and Horses14 Sherbourne Street
Wagon and HorsesSpon End
Wagon and Horses7 Well Street
WallaceKeresley Road, Radford
Walsall Arms46 Mill Lane
WalsgraveWalsgrave Road
Wards HouseStreet not known
Warwick Arms and Spirit Vaults47 Jordan Well
Watchmakers ArmsHill Place
Watchmakers Arms36 Spon Street
Watchmakers ArmsSt Peters Street
Waterloo Bar3 Pepper Lane
Waterloo Tavern41 Brook Street
Waters Wine Lodge29-30 High Street
Weavers ArmsBayley Lane
Weavers Arms138 Bell Green Road
Weavers Arms49 East Street, Harnall Fields
Weavers ArmsGosford Street
Welch Harp22 Market Street
Welsh InnHill Street
Wharf TavernSt Nicholas Place
WheatsheafEarl Street
Wheatsheaf886 Foleshill Road
WheatsheafLittle Park Street
Wheatsheaf30 West Orchard
Wheel InnSewall Highway
Wheel Tavern2 Leicester Row
Wheel TavernStreet not known, Keresley
Wheelwrights ArmsStation Avenue, Tile Hill
White Bear17 Gosford Street
White BearHigh Street
White Bear4 Leicester Row
White Bear41 New Street
White Bear HotelSt James Lane
White Bull InnCross Cheaping
White CellarEarl Street
White Friar76 Much Park Street
White Friar Inn73 Much Park Street
White Friar Tavern73 Much Park Street
White HartHigh Street
White Hart Inn52 Much Park Street
White Horse29 Bayley Lane
White HorseBroadpark Road
White Horse49 East Street, Harnall Fields
White HorseHawkes Mill Lane, Allesley
White HorseWarwick Road, Styvechale
White HouseWarwick Road, Styvechale
White LionBirmingham Road, Allesley
White LionHawkes Mill Lane, Brownshill Green
White LionHigh Street
White LionIronmonger Row
White LionLongford
White LionSt Nicholas Place
White LionTower Street
White Lion Hotel50-51 Smithford Street
White Lion Hotel13 Walsgrave Road, Gosford Green
White RoseLittle Park Street
White Rose19-20 Market Place
White Swan1 Hill Street
White SwanSwanswell Street
Whitefriar1 Whitefriars Street
Whitefriars Old Ale HouseGosford Street
Whitley Abbey HotelAbbey Road, Whitley
Whitmore Park Hotel1 Foster Road
WhoberleyLyndale Road
WildcroftLyndale Road
William IV1059 Foleshill Road
William IV65 Spon Street
WindmillBirmingham Road, Allesley
WindmillHall Green Road, Foleshill
WindmillKeresley Green
Windmill20-23 Spon Street
WindmillWarwick Road, Styvechale
Windmill InnHenley Green
Windmill Inn105-106 Spon Street
Windmill Vaults105 Spon Street
Wine and Spirit Vaults35 Smithford Street
Wine and Spirits Vaults2-4 Lower Ford Street
Wine and Spirits VaultsSmithford Street
Wine and Spirits Vaults16 Spon Street
Wine Lodge17 Burges
Wine Lodge1 Well Street
Wine VaultsCross Cheaping
Wine VaultsSt Michael's Churchyard
WinnallRobin Hood Road
WoodlandsTile Hill Lane
Woodman Inn19 Bishop Street
WoodsmanJardine Crescent
Woolpack149 Spon Street
Woolpack45 St John Street
Wyken Pippin186 Ansty Road, Wyken
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Coventry city centre map of 1937
Coventry city centre as it looked in 1937. (Drawn by Rob Orland.)

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