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M   (39 pubs)

MagnetSmithford Street
Malt ShovelChauntry Place
Malt Shovel93 Spon End
Marble HallEarl Street
Market Tavern19-20 Market Place
Market TavernMarket Way
Market Vaults22 Market Street
Marlborough ArmsStreet not known
Mattock and Spade16 Jordan Well
Maudslay HotelAllesley Old Road
McGuigan'sSwanswell Street
Mechanics Arms30 Spon Street
Melbourne Hotel74-75 Spon Street
Mercers ArmsSwan Lane
MerciaCross Cheaping
Meriden Tavern64 New Buildings
Mermaid Inn109 Gosford Street
Mermaid TavernBroadgate
Metro11-13 Burges
Midland Refreshment RoomsWarwick Road
MillpoolHipswell Highway
Miners ArmsAldermans Green Road
Minstrel BoyBuckingham Rise
MitreMuch Park Street
Moat House Tavern26 Moat Street, Chapelfields
Moira Arms15 Drapers Fields
Morris MenLyndale Road
MortimersCroft Road
Motor Hotel35 Dorset Road
Mount PleasantAnsty Road
Mount PleasantBishop Street
Mount PleasantStreet not known, Keresley
Mount Pleasant Inn107 Raglan Street
MountaineerRingwood Highway
MulberryBelgrade Plaza
Mulberry Tree20 Jordan Well
MUOOF Arms1 Bond Street
Mussage's HouseStreet Not Known
Mysterious MonkAbbey Road, Whitley
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Coventry city centre map of 1937
Coventry city centre as it looked in 1937. (Drawn by Rob Orland.)

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