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Packhorse5 Well Street
PackhorseWest Orchard
Painted LadyLongfellow Road
Painted Wagon SaloonHertford Street
Palmers RestIronmonger Row
Pannier79 Birmingham Road, Allesley
PannierCross Cheaping
Parkgate HotelParkgate Road
Parkgate TavernLockhurst Lane, Foleshill
Parrot and Griffin122 Gosford Street
Paul PryLittle Park Street
Peace and UnitySwanswell Pool Close
Peacock1 Cross Cheaping
Peacock15-16 Spon End
Peacock Inn79 Gosford Street
Peasley, Sam, House of
Peel ArmsPeel Street
Peeping Tom Hotel44 Hertford Street
Peeping Tom Vaults14 Butcher Row
Penny BlackGreyfriars Lane
Penny FarthingGramercy Park
Penny Park GatePenny Park Lane
PerriwiggWest Orchard
Pewter Platter InnSmithford Street
Phantom CoachFletchamstead Highway
PheasantGosford Street
Pheasant32 Smithford Street
Pheasant27 Well Street
Pheasant CockHigh Street
Philip LarkinBurges
Phoenix583 Fletchamstead Highway
Phoenix122 Gosford Street
Phoenix BarHigh Street
Pickerings Vaults31A High Street
Pilgrim InnLockhurst Lane
Pilgrims Rest6 Ironmonger Row
Pilot48-49 Much Park Street
Pilot InnBurnaby Road
Pinketts BoothOak Lane, Allesley
Pitt's HeadDerby Lane
Pitt's Head65-66 Far Gosford Street
Plough27 London Road
Plough9 Spon Street
PloughStreet not known, Longford
Plume of FeathersGosford Street
Plume of FeathersHen Lane
Poachers RetreatHockley Lane
Pope's HeadBailey Lane
Pope's HeadThe Butchery
Porched House72 Gosford Street
Port O' Call173 Earlsdon Avenue North, Earlsdon
Porter VaultsSmithford Street
Potters ArmsRingwood Highway
Primrose Hill Tavern98 King William Street
Prince of WalesCook Street
Prince of WalesJordan Well
Prince of Wales76-77 Thomas Street
Prince William Henry252 Foleshill Road
Priory Tavern58 New Buildings
Punch BowlGreyfriars Lane
Punch Bowl104 Spon End
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Coventry city centre map of 1937
Coventry city centre as it looked in 1937. (Drawn by Rob Orland.)

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