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D   (29 pubs)

Darby and JoanGosford Street
Dark Half MoonGosford Street
De Vere HotelFairfax Street
Denbigh Arms28 Gosford Street
Derby ArmsDerby Lane
Devonshire ArmsSewall Highway
Dew Drop14 Butcher Row
DiplomatSilver Street
DogBishop Street
DogButcher Row
DogCook Street
Dog and DuckBayley Lane
Dog and GunFoleshill
Dog and GunLondon Road
Dog and TrumpetHertford Street
Dolphin5 Cross Cheaping
DolphinSheriff Avenue
DrapersJordan Well
Drum and MonkeyTed Pitts Lane, Allesley
Dublin CastleSpon Street
Duke of ArgyllGosford Street
Duke of CumberlandSpon Street
Duke of Cumberlands HeadSpon Street
Duke of WellingtonMill Lane
Duke WilliamSpon Street
Dukes HeadSpon Street
Dun Cow19-21 Cross Cheaping
Dun Cow42 Jordan Well
Dyers Arms152 Spon Street
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Coventry city centre map of 1937
Coventry city centre as it looked in 1937. (Drawn by Rob Orland.)

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