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Brownshill Green, Wall Hill Road (Sanders, Catlin)

Address:Wall Hill Road, Brownshill Green
Became:White Lion
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
1930spresentWHITE LION
This is a heraldic reference to Edward IV, or the Earls of March or Duke of Norfolk. In 1899 this property was leased for 7 years by Phillips and Marriott for £30 per annum from J. Minstrell, Devonshire Villa, Nottingham, Eltham, Kent (from 1910 of Bore Place, Chiddingstone, Nr. Edenbridge, Kent ). In 1905 they leased it for another 14 years and in 1919 for another 7 years. In 1900 and 1908 it was the BEERHOUSE, COUNDON. This was originally a Victorian cottage called The Laurels. For the early years it only had an off-beerhouse license with beer served from the back of the house. It is thought to have become a pub in the 1930s when a small room at the rear was opened to the public. In recent years the whole ground floor had been given over to the pub.


1900 - 1904 Elijah William Sanders & collector of rates & taxed 1908 - 1912 Charles Plant Catlin


1899 - 1919 J. Minstrell
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Brownshill Green, Wall Hill Road (Sanders, Catlin)
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