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City, 73 Much Park Street (Reading)

Address:73 Much Park Street
Became:White Friar
Alternative Addresses:1 Whitefriars Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
17931960WHITE FRIAR INN, 1 Whitefriars Street
18351850BEERHOUSE, 73 Much Park Street
White Friar Much Park St Old To 1835 this was the BEERHOUSE, Much Park Street. Until around 1935 it was a home-brew pub. In the 1841 census William Reading, 30, is a stone mason in Much Park Street. In 1851 he is 42 and a stone mason, but by 1861 he is 54 and a publican at the Whitefriar, Much park Street. In 1871 he is a victualler and cow keeper at the Whitefriar. The White Friar Inn closed in 1960 and was demolished on 21st December 1962 to make way for the London Road section of the ring road.


1835 - 1850 William Reading.
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City, 73 Much Park Street (Reading)
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