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Foleshill, Eden Street, Paradise (Gore, Hilton)

Address:29 Eden Street, Paradise
Became:Adam and Eve
Alternative Addresses:Paradise, Stoney Stanton Road, Old Yard
From 1841 to 1850, this pub was recorded as The Beerhouse, Paradise. However, it was asserted to have been in existence by 1830 in a newspaper article of 1961. In the 1841 census Samuel Gore is 55 and a ribbon weaver in Pardise Row. In 1851 he is 69 and a single hand weaver of silk in Paradise. By 1861 he is 79 and a silk weaver of ribbons at Old Yard, Foleshill. In 1841 Joseph Hilton is 50 and a ribbon maker in Stoney Stanton Road. In 1851 he is 62 and a silk winder at New Road, Foleshill. The name must be associated with the street and area name, although Adam and Eve are the arms of the Fruiterers Company. Around 1930 the brewery bought the three cottages adjoining the pub and added them to it. In 1991 it was purchased from Mitchells and Butlers by Charles Wells and extensively renovated.


1841 - 1845 Samuel Gore 1850 Joseph Hilton Research 1841 Pigot Samuel Gore Foleshill 1845 Kelly Samuel Gore Paradise Lane 1850 Kelly Joseph Hilton Paradise
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