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Foleshill, 151 Lockhurst Lane (Lenton)

Address:151 Lockhurst Lane
Became:Crow in the Oak
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
c18382012CROW IN THE OAK
Crow in the Oak In the 1841 census Mary Lenton, 60, was a publican in Lockhurst lane. Her son, Thomas, 15, was an ironmonger. By 1851 there is no matching record for Mary Lenton, and Thomas Lenton, 26, was an ironmonger master in Smithford Street. Known in 1841 as a public house, but then a gap till 1863, how long was it a beerhouse?


1841 - 1845 Mrs Mary Lenton 1861 - 1863 James Brown 1866 William Brown 1868 Charles Fairfax 1874 H. Bray 1876 William Berry 1879 - 1886 James Hunter 1888 - 1892 Thomas Moore junior 1897 - 1905 Carey Cadman 1909 J. Riley 1909 - 1922 Mrs Annie Riley 1924 - 1929 Mrs A. Church 1931 - 1932 J. Harry Ward (see also Foleshiil Old Hall, the Bell, Keresley, and Castle Vaults, Market Street) 1933 - c1956 Charlie J. Pritchard Harry Ward ? 1960s Bernard Stanley Lloyd (see above) 1983 - 1986 Clem & Anna Fleming
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Foleshill, 151 Lockhurst Lane (Lenton)
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