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Foleshill, Windmill Lane (Smith)

Address:Windmill Lane, Foleshill
In the 1841 census there are no matching records. In 1851 John Smith, 28, is a carpenter and joiner in Windmill lane, Foleshill. By 1861 there are no matching records again. John Smith was a popular name. The nineteenth century John Smiths in the website) 1874 at the Angel, Cook Street 1879 at the Buck and Crown, Radford 1863 - 1868 at the Beerhouse, Longford Road 1850 at the Beeerhouse, Longford, Smith 1841 at the Dog and Gun, London Road 1892 at the Holly Bush, Longford 1879 at the Old Waggon and Horses, Well Street 1835 - 1841 and 1863 at the Pitts Head, Far Gosford Street 1895 - 1902 at the Recruiting Sergeant, Spon Street 1868 at the Reindeer, Harnall Lane 1863 - 1868 at the Saracens Head, Longford 1852 at the Sir Thomas White, White Street 1861 - 1896 at the Tobys Head, Pepper Lane


1845 John Smith
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Foleshill, Windmill Lane (Smith)
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