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Longford (Smith)

Became:Holly Bush
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18411876BEERHOUSE, Longford
1850 & 1871HOLLY TREE, Little Heath
1879HOLLY BUSH, near Dodds Bridge
18971904HOLLY BUSH
In the 1841 census Esther Smith, 50, is a publican in Longford. In 1851 she is 64 and a beer house keeper in Longford. By 1861 she is 73 and a beer seller at the Holly Tree, Longford whilst by 1871 there are no matching records. Meanwhile, in 1841 there are no matching records for Thomas Smith but in 1851 he is 27, a hand loom weaver, the son of Esther Smith. In 1861 he is 38, still a ribbon weaver in Longford but by 1871 he is 48 and a beer house keeper and silk weaver in Longford. John Smith, another son of Esther, is listed in the 1851 census as 25 with no occupation, yet Kelly's directory of 1850 gives him as a beer house keeper. In 1880 and 1888 Kelly's Directory also lists an Elizabeth Smith as a beerhouse keeper. There is no matching record in the 1871 census. Is this part of the same family, and was it the Holly Bush? Full public house license 1897 to 1904, when it closed.


1841 Esther Smith 1850 Thomas, John & Esther Smith 1851 - 1866 Esther Smith 1868 - 1876 Thomas Smith
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