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Stoke, 18 Church End, Stoke (Fellows)

Address:18 Church End, Stoke
Became:Rose and Crown
Alternative Addresses:262 Walsgrave Road, 2 Church Lane
This sign indicates loyalty to the monarch and to England and has done so since the early seventeenth century. From 1868 to 1876 this was the BEERHOUSE, Stoke. In 1925 the license was surrendered in consideration of the removal of the license of the Oddfellows Arms in Bond Street to the new Rose and Crown, Stoke, which opened on 21st February 1925. Rose Crown Closeup Church EndThe old pub was described in Kelly's 1912 directory as being in Church End, Walsgrave Road, Stoke, and stood opposite what was then St Chad's church, now St Michael's. The new pub is a few yards farther back in location due to the widening and straightening of Walsgrave Road. In the early years of the twentieth century, the landlord was Walter Cramp, who ran the pub with a rod of iron and refused to let women inside. In those days it was a village local; now it has been swallowed up by suburbia. In 1984 the pub looked good from the outside with hanging baskets, window boxes and coloured glass panels, whilst the interior was rampant Victoriana throughout with flock wallpaper in the bars and striped in the snugs.
Rose Crown Church End
Walsgrave Road before it was widened and straightened. The original Rose & Crown can be seen in greater detail in the blown up image on the right.
(Image courtesy of Coventry Archives. Do not copy without permission.)


LICENSEES: (Rose and Crown) 1879 Richard Kimberley 1880 Andrew Samuel Fawson 1888 Charles Blockley 1892 - 1913 John Fellows junior 1919 - 1940 Walter H. Cramp 1955 - 1962 Harold L. Styrgess 1985 Albert East
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