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Stoke, 7 Gosford Terrace (Harris)

Address:Gosford Terrace
Became:White Lion Hotel
White Lion Gosford Green Old This is the WHITE LION INN, Walsgrave Road, which first appears in 1850 with David Harris as licensee. The White Lion is a heraldic reference to Edward IV, or the Earls of March or Duke of Norfolk. In 1713 the CCP shows that a fine was given for 'Non repair of ye Causey lying between ye White Lyon and Stoak Lane.' Included in an abstract relating to the title of John Johnson dated 1731 there is a reference to'...(a) a cottage used as the WHITE LION inn at the eastern end of Gosford St, near Gosford Green.' From 1841 this was the Beerhouse, Gosford Terrace under David Harris This was a prominent three-storey building facing Gosford Green, which was the site of the challenge between the Duke of Norfolk and the Duke of Hereford (later Henry IV) for which both were banished. Apparently, the stretch of Walsgrave Road North of Gosford Green was called Gosford Terrace in 1851


1841 David Harris
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Stoke, 7 Gosford Terrace (Harris)
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