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Stoke (Jackson)

In the 1871 census there are no matching records. There are more than 21 entries for Jackson in the website. If we restrict our search to twenty years either side of this Jackson we have: Samuel Jackson at the Antelope, Gosford Street 1879 - 1881 F. Jackson at the Black Dog, Whitefriars Street 1909 H. M. Jackson at the Castle, Hillfields 1874 E. Jackson at the City Mill Inn, Cox Street, 1886 Josiah Jackson at the Fox, Grange Road, 1880 Frank Jackson at the Gas Tavern, Gas Street, 1911 - 1932 T. Jackson at the Old Star, Earl Street, 1886 William H. Jackson at the Plough, Spon End, 1903 - 1912 B. Jackson at the Rose, Much Park Street, 1868 Joseph or Joshua Jackson at the ( Old ) Stag, Bishop Street 1881 Benjamin Jackson at the Star and Garter, Bishop Street 1868 - 1886


1888 - 1892 Thomas Jackson
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