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Alma Tavern, 44-45 Stoney Stanton Road

Alternative Addresses:Howard Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Alma Tavern Howard St The Alma is a river in the Crimea (Ukraine). In 1854 it became the scene of the first battle won by the allies over the Russians. The name was widely used for pubs, streets and the daughters of soldiers who had fought there. This pub is first mentioned on 27th June 1856 when houses adjoining it were advertised for sale and presumably the houses as well as the pub were newly built at that time. It was demolished to make way for extensions to the Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital in recent decades.


1868 - 1871 Sanders Quincey 1874 D. Bonham 1878 Thomas Whitehead 1878 - 1881 Joseph Priest 1886 H. Wyles 1890 A. Dennis 1893 - 1907 Albert (Bert) Statham * 1909 - 1912 William Collins 1919 - 1927 Albert J. Ashley 1929 - 1940 George Putman Mrs Selina Perry ? - 1979 Alan & Josie Frisby *Thanks to Colin Kirkham for additional information
Alma Tavern
Street plan of 1939
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