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Anchor Tavern, 69-70 West Orchard

Alternative Addresses:76 West Orchard
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Photo West Orchard late 1800s The Anchor was a common sign especially used by landlords who had connections with the sea or who wished to attract seamen as customers. It stood near the east end of West Orchard close to the entrance to the 18th century market. It was adapted from a wine merchants, and the earliest reference I have seen to the pub is in 1779. In 1876 it was purchased by Matterson, Huxley and Watson, the local ironmongers, for £100 and closed in 1887.


1822 - 1841 Joseph Wilson 1845 J. Smith 1850 - 1861 William Stringer, a publican and carpenter 1868 - 1874 Henry J. P. Pearson, his family, 5 lodgers and 2 servants 1879 - 1881 William Bickerton


1876 Matterson, Huxley & Watson
Anchor Tavern
Street plan of 1851
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