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Bablake Boy, 41 Cow Lane

This pub gets its name because it was owned by Bablake School. In 1830 it is part of Scott's Charity and the tennant, William Webb, was given a 42 year lease. He was said to have substantially repaired and partially rebuilt the premises, which now comprise a public house called the Bablake Boy. From this we can surmise that the pub was relatively new at that date. In 1865 it was leased by William Webb for £26 per annum and was said to belong to Bablake School. Perhaps Scott's Charity was one of the school's charities. In 1924 the license was surrendered for the granting of an off-beerhouse license to The Park Stores, Holbrooks Lane. The pub closed on 30th September 1924.


1841 Richard Taylor 1850 - 1871 Francis Welch 1874 A. Wood 1879 Robert Tipping 1881 J. Dunnicliff 1890 - 1903 G. Freeman 1905 - 1913 Mrs E. Putman 1919 Arthur Cleaver 1921 - 1924 T. Phillips


1865 Bablake School
Bablake Boy
Street plan of 1851
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