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Barley Mow, 52 Leicester Street

A mow was a stack, of barley in this case. The sign of the barley mow simply meant that beer was being sold. Our first reference to this pub is on 12th July 1844 when an inquest was held there. The pub was part of the group of buildings that comprised the Coventry Brewery, so it is easy to think of it as the 'brewery tap'. In an abstract of title of 1873 it is said that the Barley Mow was built by 'the Phillipses', who owned the Coventry Brewery from c 1825 to 1849, when Ratliff took over. However, the brewery predates the Phillipses, as it is recorded from 1802. In 1873 Ratliff raise a mortgage of £3000 on this pub, the brewery and six other pubs, which may have represented his entire assets at the time. Until 1899 was part of Ratliff's estate. On the takeover of Ratliffs by Phillips & Marriott, it was valued at £1500 but was sold in 1912 to Coventry Corporation for £350 plus £500 compensation. It closed in c1914 but the building remained for many years afterwards as I have seen a photograph dated 1926. In 1841 this was the BEERHOUSE, Leicester Street, Jordan.


1845 John Jordan 1850 William Morris 1861 William Sanders 1868 - 1881 John Harris 1886 S. Watts 1890 - 1893 H. Eves 1894 E. G. Peach 1896 W. A. Wakefield 1900 William Henry Cleaver 1900 - 1913 Joseph Lamb
Barley Mow
Street plan of 1851
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