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Bell, 12 Old Church Road, Foleshill

Alternative Addresses:Bell Stiles
Bell Hotel Old Church Rd The bell is a distinctive yet simple shape which has greatly appealed to sign makers through the centuries. Church bells and hand bells are usually those that are referred in pub signs. In Jopson's Coventry Mercury of 16th April 1764 an auction was advertised at the Bell. From 1830 to 1874 this was the BEERHOUSE, Bell Green, though already known as the Bell.
Bell Old Church Rd In 1960 it was already thought to be several hundred years old and was owned by Phipps Northampton Brewery. At this time there were residential rooms, much used by the theatrical profession when playing the Coventry theatres. There was said to be a well under the lounge. By 1979 it had become a Watneys pub and in 1995-6 it was closed and demolished. Photo


1861 John Flavell 1871 John Dunkley 1874 John Flavell 1876 Thomas Simpson 1879 - 1880 James Bunn 1888 Archibald Seymour 1892 - 1908 Samuel Wall 1912 - 1924 Arthur Edward Chaplin 1933 - 1940 T. Walden 1955 - 1957 Jack C. D. Bailey 1962 Bernard O'Keefe 1992 - 1995 Aliot Maynard


1960 Phipps Northampton Brewery
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