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Black Boy, Bishop Street

The sign was extremely common in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries for coffee houses as well as taverns. The reference was to the personal servant of a rich person. Negro page boys were highly fashionable and must have been distinctive figures dressed in brightly coloured liveries as they inevitably were. This pub was used for an auction in 1779. In 1838 the licensee, Joseph Cramp, put on a dinner for customers on the occasion of the Coronation of Queen Victoria. The Coventry Standard of 13th October 1843 informs us that an auction was to take place, selling all the pub's fixtures, as the pub was to be removed due to road widening. Joseph Cramp moved to the Livery Stables in New Street. photo of Bishop Street in Coventry
Bishop Street looking north in 1905.


1822 - 1823 John Hyde 1835 - 1843 Joseph Cramp
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