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Black Prince, 79 Much Park Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Much Park St Godiva Procession 1907
Once the through road to the "Great Park", one of Coventry's most ancient
and appropriately named streets is Much Park Street, seen here in 1907.
Edward, Prince of Wales (1330 - 1376), was the eldest son of Edward III. He was known as the Black Prince because of the colour of his armour. His death of ill health at the early age of forty six was a distinct loss to the nation, his military skill coupled with humanity in victory having been much admired. The Royal Navy had several warships bearing his name, the first launched in 1650. The Black Prince is first referred to in Pigot 1828. In a will of 1837 Edward II Phillips left the Black Prince to his son, George Septimus Phillips. At that time it was occupied by C. Thomas. By the time of the 1919/20 Coventry Directory it was 'Ye Olde Black Prince'. By 1926 the premises had become a lodging house.


1828 - 1841 Charles Thomas 1845 J. Goodman (Market Street - a mistake) 1850 Sarah Goodman 1851 Sarah Edwards 1861 Thomas Griffiths 1868 - 1874 Thomas P. Johnson 1879 Thomas Whitaker 1881 John Read 1886 - 1894 Benjamin Mason 1896 Alf Cook 1903 Ezra Simpson 1905 G. Tutton 1909 J. Harvey 1919 - 1924 A. E. Robinson


c1837 Edward (II) Phillips c1837 George Septimus Phillips
Black Prince
Street plan of 1851
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