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Bowling Green, 105 Harnall Lane East, Hillfields

The Bowling Green is a reference to a very popular pub game, advertising the presence of a bowling green. This was an old pub as the earliest reference I have seen is in 1733 when it was occupied by Joseph Ash. In 1759 it was to let, being described as standing on the turnpike road at Stoke. In July 1899 it was let by Henry Inge to Edward Page and Mark Pearman, then in the next month by the same Henry Inge to William Holbeche and Julius Olds. In 1834 Edward Page bequeathed it to his children. In 1866 see STOKE, HARNALL LANE (COOPER)


1868 Thomas Green 1868 Marlow & Cooper 1874 - 1886 George Jephcott 1890 - 1891 E. Jephcott 1893 E. Jephcott & E. A. Jephcott 1894 - 1896 George E. Rossiter 1903 Charles W. Boyce 1905 Joseph Eaton 1909 Emma Eaton 1911 - 1913 G. H. Lowe 1919 - 1921 James Goodchild 1924 - 1932 W. Nightingale


1799 Henry Inge 1834 Edward Page
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