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Buck and Crown, 219-221 Radford Road

Alternative Addresses:43 - 47 Radford Road
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Buck Crown A heraldic name. This pub stood alongside a row of cottages with top shops on a raised bank opposite the later Radford Hotel. It is first mentioned on 28th Novenber 1768 when articles lost between the Buck and Crown and Coventry are advertised in the Coventry Mercury. In 1801 the pub was up for let. In 1928 the license was removed to the Radford Hotel.


1845 - 1850 Samuel Russell 1851 Thomas Russell 1861 George Addison 1879 John Smith 1893 - 1894 W. F. Walker 1903 - 1905 Arthur Elliott 1909 - 1922 Elijah Brown 1924 W. G. Woodward 1926 - 1927 F. B. Crouch 1929 R. J. Porter
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