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Castle Vaults, 18-19 Market Place

Alternative Addresses:Market Street, Cross Cheaping
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Photo A postcard featuring the old Market Tower gives a rare view of Market Place, which led through from where Broadgate and Cross Cheaping met, to the tower, where you could turn left and take Market Street back to Smithford Street. This has been a common pub name for centuries. It is tempting to connect it with the phrase 'an Englishman's home is his castle', a phrase which has been in use since the seventeenth century, but it is more likely to refer to either a. Coventry Castle. b. the castle in the City Coat of Arms. c. a simple visual sign, easy to illustrate and easy for patrons to recognise. This pub appears to have started c1882 as a replacement for the Castle Inn, Broadgate. From 1895 it was leased by Phillips and Marriott from Henry and Mary Price. In 1916 they purchased it for £3,500. In 1929 the Castle Vaults was rebuilt, and the White Rose at No. 19 Market Street was demolished to provide a rear entrance to the Castle Vaults. The license of the White Rose was surrendered. The Vaults was destroyed in the blitz of 1940, and in 1957 its license was transferred to the Market Tavern in Market Way.


1886 - 1893 E. B. Twycross 1894 W. Farmer 1896 Theresa Sarah Morris 1902 - 1903 Theresa Sarah Phipps (ne Morris) 1904 - 1909 Robert Brown 1909 - 1910 Thomas Pegg Furman (or Turman) 1911 - 1916 Henry Horne 1917 - 1922 William Wishlade 1922 - 1934 G. A. Eaton 1935 - 1938 T. Pointon 1939 - 1940 J. H. (Harry) Ward (see also Foleshiil Old Hall, Crow in the Oak, Foleshill and the Bell, Keresley)


to 1916 Henry & Mary Price from 1916 Phillips & Marriott
Castle Vaults
Street plan of 1851
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