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Cedars Inn, Barkers Butts Lane

Alternative Addresses:Cedars Avenue
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
19262018CEDARS INN
Cedars Barker Butts La So called because there were so many tall Cedar trees in the area, many of which were felled to make way for the pub building in 1926. It is a good example of an inter-war pub buried deep in the suburbs. The pantile roof lends a Mediterranean look. It has a lively frontage with set-back Dutch gables, flat metalled windows, a conical sun trap window and rendered walls. The Cedars was built in a time of full employment and full wage packers, when working men flocked to the pub. A formidable landlord called Tom Atkinson was known to handle any 'skirmishes' by ushering troublemakers to the door using his stomach. The Cedars had some renown for being one of the first pubs in the country to serve beer from cellar tanks rather than casks or kegs. The cellar tanks have long since gone. In 2018 it became the Lion's Inn. Lions Inn Barker Butts La


1937 - 1938 J. Prothero 1939 - 1940 E. T. (Tom) Atkinson 1955 - 1962 Henry Ling (see below) 1983 Paschal Gardiner
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