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Craven Arms, Brinklow Road, Binley

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
1772c2000CRAVEN ARMS
c2000presentBINLEY PARK INN
Craven Arms Hotel Binley The name of this pub comes from the Earls of Craven who were local landowners, their seat being the nearby Coombe Abbey. It is said that the Earls of Craven used the kitchen of the original Craven Arms to collect rent from their tenants. The first Craven Arms was built c1772 on the site of Binley Gallows. It is on the site of these gallows in 1495 that Sir Henry Mumford and Sir Robert Mallory were executed for treason. Since 1495 was the year of the Perkin Warbeck conspiracy to overthrow Henry VIII, it was assumed they were involved in this. Their heads were then set up on two of the city gates whilst their bodies were taken by the Franciscan friars and buried in their graveyard at Greyfriars Friary in Coventry. The heads were later buried with the bodies and these were dis-interred in 1931 whilst the Methodist Central Hall was being built. Also at this site in Binley, a medieval cross stood called 'Maiden's Cross'. Then c1772 the Craven Arms was built. During the eighteenth century it was the meeting place of the 'Coombe and Binley Association for the Persecution of Felons' which offered rewards for the apprehension of criminals. In 1880 it advertised 'good accommodation for visitors and tourists to Coombe', so Coombe Abbey was already then a popular place of resort. From 1915 the landlord was the famous Dan Claridge, the last man to drive a stagecoach from Coventry to London. He moved to this pub from the Craven Arms in the High Street. He could be seen with his white side-whiskers, dressed in a frock coat and top hat, welcoming the Atherstone Hunt which used to gather at the inn. He died in April 1923. The new Craven Arms was built in c1930 and on 13th February 1975 became a Toby Steakhouse. It was renamed the BINLEY PARK INN c 2000. Craven Arms Binley Toby


1845 - 1850 James Akerman & Glazier 1863 - 1866 Henry Akerman 1868 Thomas Trevor 1874 Joseph Linnell 1876 - 1892 James Adams Linnell 1900 - 1915 Francis Walter Claridge 1915 - 1923 Walter Dan Claridge 1924 - 1926 Tom Hatton 1933 - 1938 W. Norbury 1939 - 1940 A. E. Swain 1945 - 1972 Edward Albert Estick
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