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Criterion Vaults, 52-53 Cross Cheaping

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Cross Cheaping 1892. The Criterion can be seen on the right.
Was this below a Criterion Theatre? In 1888 William Preston, a customer at the Criterion, attempted to committ suicide by adding rat poison to his own beer. Surely it can't have been that bad! In 1897 the property was purchased by Ratliff's from Mary Elizabeth Howe Hyde. After their take-over Phillips and Marriotts valued it at £3,000. In 1910 it was closed by the Compensation Authority and compensation of £500 was paid to the owner and £250 to the tenant. Phillips and Marriott sold the building for £3,900.


1881 M. E. Andrews 1886 W. A. Taylor 1890 - 1891 Joseph Thorley 1893 - 1896 C. H. Webb 1900 - 1905 Walter Raven 1905 - 1909 Daniel Fisher


1885 - 1897 Mary Elizabeth Howe Hyde 1897 - 1899 Ratliff's 1899 Phillips & Marriott
Criterion Vaults
Street plan of 1851
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