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Dog and Trumpet, Hertford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
The dog and trimpet was the trade mark of HMV (His Master's Voice). The company was known as 'The Gramophone Company' until 1909, when it first made use of the famous picture showing a dog called Nipper, a fox terrier, listening to the voice of his master coming froma gramophone horn. The original painting by Francis Barraud hangs in the boardroom of EMI records. The pub changed from the Bier Kellar to the Dog and Trumpet in 1977 and in 2011 it reverted to its previous name. In 1982 it was reported that it was once a free - house, now part of Arden Tavern's chain, with live music most nights. In 1985 it was 'an ex - beer kellar which now sells the largest range of real ales in Coventry. A large single bar with some good old photos on the walls. A disco most nights, it is better for drinking at lunchtimes'.


1984 Ken Brown (see also at GENERAL WOLFE and BROWNS)
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