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Dolphin, 5 Cross Cheaping

Alternative Addresses:Market Place
Dolphin Cross Cheaping Market Square DolphinThis is a view of the original fish market in Market Place, Cross Cheaping just behind Broadgate: The pub on the right is the original Dolphin. The dolphin was looked upon by ancient seamen as a friendly creature who would help them in a storm by twining itself around the anchor cable. This would prevent the anchor from dragging and secure the safety of the ship. With such a reputation it is not surprising that the Dolphin became a much used ship name, being used by the Royal Navy from 1648 to present. A dolphin also figures in many coats of arms, especially those of the Fishmongers' Company and the Company of Watermen and Lightermen. This pub is known to have existed in 1731 when it is mentioned as a boundary of an adjoining property. In 1756, 8 soldiers were billeted here. In 1762 'The Wonder Man' was on view at the Dolphin. At Michaelmas 1893 it was leased by Phillips and Marriotts for £50 per annum from Coventry Corporation. This lease was renewed in 1900 for £130 and again in 1907 and 1914. In 1910 the pub was advertising home brewed ales, and in 1940 or 1941 it closed. Was this due to bomb damage?


1822 - 1829 Eli Wise Peters 1835 - 1841 John Rainbow innkeeper 1841 - 1845 Samuel Hurst or Hunt 1850 - 1851 Benjamin Geroge Holton innkeeper 1861 William Lovatt (See also at Red Lion, Greyfriars in 1850) 1868 Henry Adkins (See also at Bear & Bacchus in 1871) 1871 John Crichton 1874 J. Crutchlow 1879 - 1881 Charles James Vincent 1886 C. Thomas 1890 - 1891 F. G. Jordan 1893 - 1909 M. Dalton 1911 - 1913 Mrs Dalton 1919 - 1924 Sidney Austin Penn 1926 - 1934 A. Appletree 1935 - 1938 F. Rollason 1939 - 1940 J. German
Street plan of 1851
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