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Fletchamstead Hotel, Fletchamstead Highway

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
1964c2012THE FLETCH
Photo The name is actually a local place name, from Fletchamstead Hall. The pub opened in 1937 in an art deco style. The lounge bar had an art deco construction of glass and chrome that really was a sight to see. It was still there when the pub closed in 2010. It had waitress service in the large back room. The landlady in World War Two, a Mrs Shaw, used to auction legs of pork and tins of Spam to help the war effort. The name changed to THE FLETCH in 1964. By 1983 the large back room now hosted live music as a function room. By 2010 it had become a car showroom.


1939 - 1940 F. Shaw 1960 - 1962 W. R. Roberts 1984 Donal O'Brien
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Fletchamstead Hotel
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