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Foresters Arms, 76 Raglan Street

Alternative Addresses:4 And 6 Raglan Street
Foresters Arms Raglan St This name is a reference to the Ancient Order of Foresters, a large friendly society with lodges, called 'court', in the USA and Britain In 1984 it was described as 'a triangular shaped pub that comes to a point at the junction of Raglan Street, Alma Street and Lower Ford Street'. It had a twin pub on the same juction, the CANTERBURY ARMS, shown as simply "P.H." below the Foresters on a map. The Foresters closed in the spring of 2017.


1868 - 1871 Joseph Poole watch engraver and licensed victualler 1874 J. Bills 1879 Joseph Ashley 1881 - 1891 Joseph Athersuch 1893 - 1896 J. W. Witherley 1903 - 1913 Arthur H. Liquorish 1919 - 1932 Thomas Edward Hands 1933 - 1940 Mrs E. J. Hands 1984 Sid Birch
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