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Fox Inn, Grange Road, Foxford

Alternative Addresses:Hurst Road
Fox Inn Grange Rd This sign has been used since the fifteenth century and is an obvious reference to hunting. There is a local story that the largest fox ever seen was chased in the fields near Short Ford. The animal ran through the ford, which thereafter bore the name Foxford. Also to commemorate the event a pub was named the Fox. The Fox stood in the triangle of land between Hirsts Road, Grange Road and the footpath. In the Coventry Standard of 1st June 1855 the house of Mrs Ann Bentley, the Fox in Grange Road / Hurst Road was used for auctions. In 1931 it advertised 'the best of ales, wines and spirits'. Foxford School, which opened in 1875, expanded and occupied the triangle of land that the pub stood on c1940. Fox Inn


1845 - 1855 Mrs Ann Bentley 1861 - 1868 Nathaniel Hewitt 1874 - 1876 John Dillam 1880 Josiah Jackson 1888 David Randle 1892 Jacob Shaw 1900 David Rollason 1904 - 1908 John Dudley 1912 Tom Drakeley 1924 John Dillam 1931 - 1940 F. C. Reeve
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