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Globe Inn, 23 Albion Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Globe The Globe has always been a popular pub name. It was at one time associated with Portugal and indicated that a tavern sold Portuguese wines. It is now associated with Shakespeare because of the Globe Theatre where his plays were performed during his lifetime. It is an easy symbol to represent and to recognise. To 1920 this was a home-brew pub. Note the long sequence of female brewsters. No doubt Lizzie Causer and Lizzie Garbutt are the same person. It closed on 16th May 1963.


1841 - 1861 John Welch 1868 M. E. Needham 1868 - 1881 Mrs Emma Needham 1886 - 1896 Ann Sage 1903 - 1905 William Causer 1909 - 1912 Mrs Lizzie Garbutt 1912 - 1913 R. G. Garbutt 1919 H. Savage 1921 - 1927 H. Savage & H. Sage 1929 G. M. T. Whittle 1931 - 1932 Francis Christopher Blundell 1933 - 1934 A. H. Swan 1935 - 1940 W. A. Southam 1958 C. Hewitt BREWERS: to 1877 Mrs Emma Needham 1877 - 1898 Ann(e) Sage 1898 - 1902 William Causer 1902 - 1906 Mrs Lizzie Causer 1906 - 1920 Mrs Lizzie Garbutt
Globe Inn
Street plan of 1851
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Globe Inn
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Globe Inn
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