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Gloucester Arms, 57 Stoney Stanton Road

Gloucester Arms Stoney Stanton Rd Was this named after Richard, Duke of Gloucester, who later became Richard III or the Dukes of Gloucester who were descended from George V ? In 1861 the Gloucester Arms was the site of the inquest into 'Betsy Beamish who died in Spencer Street on Tuesday, the 20th instant, under suspicious circumstances'. It is said on that day that the Gloucester Arms was packed to 'suffocation' and outside stood a crowd numbering up to seven hundred people. In 1867 the licensee was fined, but I do not know what his offence was. In 1926 the pub was sold by Charringtons and it closed on 5th July 1968.


1861 - 1874 William Chandler & builder 1879 John Alfred gardner 1881 F. Ayers 1886 Richard Tilt 1890 - 1893 E. Mealand 1894 - 1896 Mrs J. Mealand 1903 - 1919 George Kaye 1921 - 1932 W. W. Sheffield 1932 - 1938 F. J. Murphy 1940 H. Cox
Gloucester Arms
Street plan of 1893
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