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Golden Fleece, 303 Bell Green Road, Foleshill

Alternative Addresses:Armfield Street, Courthouse Green
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
c18451876BEERHOUSE (Courthouse Green)
1876BEERHOUSE (Hall Green)
Golden Fleece In Greek legend the Golden Fleece was sought by Jason and his Argonauts. As early as 1801 this pub was known as the Golden Fleece, although from time to time it was referred to by the shortened name of the Fleece, for instance in 1871 when the Fleece in Bell Green is described as To Let. In 1845 it was listed as the Beerhouse, Courthouse Green, and again in 1876 as the Beerhouse, Hall Green . The Golden Fleece closed c1994 and has been replaced by a housing estate.


LICENSEES: (the GOLDEN FLEECE) 1841 William Hewitt LICENSEES: (the BEERHOUSE, Courthouse Green) 1845 - 1866 John Bradford 1868 - 1871 John (Joseph) Chandler 1874 - 1876 James Bunn LICENSEES: (the BEERHOUSE, Hall Green) 1876 - 1880 William Ball 1888 Mrs Selina Ball 1892 - 1904 Joseph Eaton 1908 - 1924 Albert Edgar Makepeace 1931 - 1934 J. Stafford 1935 - 1936 A. J. Bolsbridge 1937 - 1938 W. Lomas 1939 - 1940 A. H. Webb 1960 L. H. Spear & Sidney Cook 1961 - 1962 Sidney Cook
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