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Grange, Alfall Road

Grange Alfall Rd Originally in Middle English, a grange meant a granary or barn and it came to mean an outlying farm with tithe barns belonging to a monastery or feudal lord. Wyken Grange Farm stood in the vicinity and was demolished in the 1930s to make way for a housing estate. The pub opened on 12th May 1937 and took the name, The Grange, from the farm. In 1979 it was described as 'a very popular pub with a large basic bar with a cosy lounge'. Now it is all one big L-shaped room. At one time it was a multi-roomed pub, each room having its own colour. The piano was in the gold room with gold wicker chairs; there was a blue room and the gents' toilets with wood panelling constituted the brown room. After laying derelict since closing in 2013, the premises re-opened as a Co-Operative store in January 2016.


1939 - 1940 M. J. Watts 1967 - 1971 Arthur Ingram 1971 - 1989 Pete Gilbert
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