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Green Man, 145 Much Park Street

Alternative Addresses:Much Park Street
Much Park St Godiva Procession 1907 2 In modern times the green man is associated with Robin Hood and his men who were supposedly dressed in Lincoln Green Cloth. A cloth called Kendal Green, from its manufacture there, or the lighter Lincoln Green, was used for the clothes of foresters, woodmen and the like from the sixteenth century. A more popular interpretation appears to be a symbol showing the renewal of plant growth each spring. The most common form is a face exuding greenery from its nose, mouth, nostrils and ears. Although it is of heathen origins the figure is commonly found in churches, and the rear door of St John's (Bablake church) in Coventry contains several carved green men. There are others about the city. In 1756 eight soldiers were billeted here. From 1900 Phillips and Marriotts leased this pub for £85 per annum from Mr. H. Colley of Lismore House, 13 North Road, Bristol. He died in 1902 when Miss A. Collet became the owner and rents were paid to Walter Colley at 153 Sherlock Street, Birmingham, for her. In 1907 the lease was renewed for a further 14 years for £100 per annum but in 1920 the pub was sold to Atkinsons brewery for £6,100. In 1926 the license was surrendered on the payment of compensation.


1822 - 1823 T. Kiss 1828 - 1829 Thomas Parson 1835 Thomas Moreton 1839 Catharine Perry 1839 William Wood 1845 C. Bright 1850 Elizabeth Pearson 1861 - 1866 Richard Jones (Johns) 1866 Thomas Golby 1868 - 1879 Joseph Houghton (or Orton) 1881 J. Phillips 1886 - 1891 J. A. Cattell (or Cattle) 1893 - 1894 T. H. Smith 1896 Mrs I. F. Young 1898 Thomas Hawthorne 1901 Joseph Thomas Masters 1903 Alfred Smart 1904 - 1905 Harriet Harrison 1905 James Squires 1907 - 1913 Charles Henry Jones 1913 Alfred Wanklin 1914 - 1922 Walter Collidge (Colledge) 1924 D. W. N. Mosley 1926 - 1927 F. J. Murphy
Green Man
Street plan of 1851
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