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Horse and Jockey, Hawkesbury Lane

Alternative Addresses:Sowe, Sowe West. Bell Green
This is a rather commonplace rural sign. In 1764 AND 1765 there are records of the Horse and Jockey at Hawkesbury being used for auctions. Then in 1773 there is a sale at the Horse and Jockey at Bell Green, which we can only assume is the same pub. In the 1951 census the licensee is Christopher Tuckey, butcher and publican. I wonder, is this the same family as the present day Tuckeys who are butchers at Eastern Green? In 1892 this pub was leased by Phillips and Marriott for 21 years for £26 per annum from the Earl of Craven. The rent was paid to Mr Bugess, Hertford Chambers, Coventry and later to the Estate Office, Binley. In 1913 the lease was renewed for a further 21 years for £40 per annum, but in 1916 the license was surrendered for the Foleshill Old Hall. See also Beerhouse, Walsgrave?


1773 Thomas Lester 1835 Thomas Biggs 1845 Thomas Farndon & tailor 1850 - 1851 Christopher Tuckey & baker & butcher 1871 Samuel Smith 1874 Joseph Hill 1880 Samuel Hackett 1885 - 1900 William West 1901 - 1912 William Bennett


1892 - 1916 Earl of Craven
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