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Lamb and Flag, 147 Spon Street

Photo A heraldic sign, referring to the Knights Templar, The Merchant Tailors Company, St Johns College, Oxford, etc. The lamb is of great christian significance thanks to the passage in John 1:29 which reads 'behold the lamb of god, which taketh away the sins of the world' thus equating the lamb with Jesus Christ. As a saintly emblem a lamb accompanies John the Baptist, St Agnes, St Catherine, St Genevieve and St Regina. The lamb and flag sign shows the holy lamb with a banner. In 1756 four soldiers were billeted here. Then we have transfers of licenses in 1848 and 1869. The conduit supplying water from St Catherine's Well ended at the Lamb and Flag until the building of the waterworks at Spon End in 1847. In 1876 an inquest was held at the pub into the death of a local resident, Hannah Screwby. The verdict was that she died 'through supposed starvation'. The pub, which was on the north side of Spon Street, closed c1905 and the building then became Plaistow's fishmongers shop.


1822 - 1829 John Conway 1835 William Morris 1841 John Yeomans 1845 T. Moreton 1848 William Gill 1848 John Mason 1850 - 1851 Humphrey Payne watchmaker finisher 1861 Adam Burdess 1868 - 1869 Charles Francis 1869 Mary Francis 1871 - 1874 Robert Tipping watch cap maker and publican 1879 David Marston 1881 D. Martin 1886 Mrs Weston 1890 - 1891 R. Tilt 1893 - 1905 R. R. Harris
Lamb and Flag
Street plan of 1851
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Lamb and Flag
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