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Lamp Tavern, 23 Market Street

Alternative Addresses:20, 23 Market Place
Photo A postcard featuring the old Market Tower and a rare view of Market Place, which led through from where Broadgate and Cross Cheaping met to the tower, where you could turn left and take Market Street back to Smithford Street. If we are interpreting a map correctly, The White Rose is on the left and The Lamp Tavern is on the second corner to the left in the distance. Was this pub named after a particular lamp? There were two on the market hall opposite. Our first record of this pub is on 26th January 1838 when it was advertised to let. On 5th May 1865 the license was transferred from J. Skelton to J. Snape. William 'Paddy' Gill, the licensee in the 1860s was famed as a prizefighter. When he retired from the ring he settled into family life and spent some of his earnings on buying the Lamp Tavern. A few years later he was declared insane and put into Hatton Asylum where he died aged 50 in 1889. The pub closed in 1940 due to enemy action.


1838? W. Skelton to 1865 J. Skelton from 1865 J. Snape 1867 - 1869 William 'Paddy' Gill 1871 Robert P. Barber 1874 - 1891 Robert Cooper 1891 - 1898 Mrs. Mary Jane Cooper (see also City Arms, Earlsdon) 1898 Charles Henry Welch 1903 - 1905 G. E. Taylor 1909 H. Doughen 1911 - 1913 Thomas E. Hands 1919 - 1922 George T. Ayres 1924 - 1927 E. Sale 1931 - 1932 W. J. Webb 1933 - 1936 W. Hewitt 1937 - 1938 J. D. Stone 1939 - 1940 W. Lenton


1878 - 1898 Edward Greenfield Doggett, St Peters Hospital, Bristol; sublet to Ind Coope & Co, Burton on Trent
Lamp Tavern
Street plan of 1851
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