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Leopard, 64 Smithford Street

Smithford St C1900 Smithford Street 1900. Classic old turn-of-the-century view of Smithford Street looking westwards from the junction with High Street, Hertford Street and Broadgate. The Kings Head Inn is on the left. This name is probably a heraldic reference to the Weaver's Company, whose arms show three leopards' heads. In 1756 four soldiers were billeted here. An army recruiting office was set up at the pub in 1761 and in the following year a woman was whipped from the gaol to the Cross for stealing from the Leopard. At times John 'Fatty' Adrian was a licensed victualler at the Leopard in Smithford Street, the Pitts Head in Gosford Street and the Windmill in Spon Street. The pub closed c1942.


1822 - 1823 T. Grimes 1841 John 'Fatty' Adrian 1868 Thomas Davis 1871 Mary Clarke 1874 W. Holt to 1878 John Hobson 1878 - 1879 Henry French 1881 - 1905 H. Yardley 1909 - 1913 William H. Smith 1919 - 1922 Ernest John Sanders 1924 - 1934 E. Baron
Street plan of 1851
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